A homeopathic dose of sense – Government’s response to select ctte

This is my initial response..

Today the Government published its response to the House of Commons’ Science and Technology Committee Report on Homeopathy.

Dr Evan Harris, the former Liberal Democrat MP, who was a member of the Science and Technology Select Committee when it published its report, said

“This is not a good start for the new Health Secretary when it comes to evidence-based policy. It looks like Prince Charles has been in touch with the Health Secretary again.

How does the Government justify allowing treatments that do not work to be provided by the NHS in the name of choice, when it allows medicines which do work to be banned from NHS use?

“The Government likes to claim that its health policies – on alcohol and obesity and on vaccination – are both evidence based and ethical but today has said that the Government has no interest in the value for money or ethics of the spending of millions of pounds by the NHS.”

“Patients who are denied the choice of expensive but effective new medicines for serious conditions are now entitled to ask why Mr Lansley allows the cash-strapped NHS to spend money on ineffective treatments in the name of “patient choice”.


6 Responses to “A homeopathic dose of sense – Government’s response to select ctte”

  1. APC Says:

    Clearly it is a massive cop out by the government, but in terms of money actually being spent on homeopathy, surely PCTs/GPs will not commission such treatment? They are rational beings no? If we have a medical profession with individuals who believe homeopathy is a worthwhile medicine to prescribe, then is it not those Doctors we should be going after, rather than a ‘people pleasing’ bunch of politicians? I am confused on this issue, but do think that overall the government should make a stand and not allow the choice.

  2. William Says:

    Forgive me – I’m a bit slow on this. Is the position on homeopathy that there are no apparent effects, or that any apparent effects are accidental, or that they are inexplicable? Is there any difference between homeopathic outcomes and placebo? If I wore a white coat and gave patients raspberries with a solemn face would outcomes likely be the same as the sugar pills?

  3. Please Sir, I want some more Science! « O'Really? Says:

    […] Evan Harris politician, Doctor, former MP for Oxford and blogger […]

  4. Jon Says:

    @William yes. Particularly if your raspberries looked like pills and you said that they were homeopathic. :o(

  5. sugengpakes Says:


  6. Michael Says:


    can you speak to your colleagues 3,500 NHS Direct staff (mainly nurses) dont know if they have a job or will take on the new 111 number

    The Department of Health and ministers have refused to answer

    How long must these staff be left in a void

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