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Simon Singh and the BCA

May 14, 2009

Very interested in the on-going libel case of the BCA suing Simon Singh for libel. Jack of Kent has been covering the case excellently.

I am an MP who campaigns for science, evidence-based policy and free speech,  so this case is pulling all my levers. I met Simon earlier this week. It is vital that this case is not lost because it will chill scientists, journalists, writers and even comedians from criticising the work of others – which is a vital component of the scientific method.

It will embolden the non-evidence-based (so called “alterntive”) health care industry to threaten any critic of their apporoach, work or claims. It will also add credibility to the claims of these organisations. As Jack says, some of Simon’s friends and supporters will be organising a campaign around these issues. Please get involved.